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We designed Enth Degrees F3 Hood for scuba diving and anti-wind chill. The membrane blocks out wind even when youre wet, making it a great option for water sports as well for fishing from jetties.

The neoprene seal around the face is a firm seal to prevent water ingress. The low beard on the hood means it sits under the wetsuit, and is designed to tuck in and seal within the neck so that it prevents water ingress when scuba diving. The rest of the hood is tri-laminate that is easy to put on and take off.

You can wear it for watersports or just to keep warm outdoors in colder temperatures.

This is an affordable layering garment that eliminates wind chill and a great option for a rough winter with wind and rain.



    • Designed to counteract the major heat loss that occurs through the head
    • Super comfortable 4-way stretch
    • Can be used stand alone or layered under an existing Neoprene hood
    • Fernotherm3 tri-laminate construction with Lycra binding finish
    • Water repellent treatment for fast water run-off during surface water sports
    • Neoprene face seal and flatlock seam construction
    • UV 50+ sun protection


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