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Born in Australia, Enth Degree is a technical performance wear apparel brand originally designed for high-performance water
sports. Our garments have been rigorously tested in some of Australia and New Zealand’s most extreme environments,
ensuring they adapt to various weather conditions and exertion levels while effectively regulating your core body

Thanks to a dedicated team of administrators, designers, and a fantastic group of ambassadors, the Enth Degree brand has
steadily expanded over the years to cater to all water sports enthusiasts, especially those in need of superior thermal
protection. Today, the Enth Degree range of products is available worldwide.

Whether you are training, competing, or enjoying water sports, our equipment will quickly become your go-to choice.
Regardless of the conditions, Enth Degree gear offers reliable protection against the elements. Our garments help you
maintain optimal core temperature for extended periods, enhancing your performance throughout your water sports
activities. With a strong focus on quality and the incorporation of the latest fabric technologies and design concepts, the
creators of Enth Degree remain committed to providing their customers with a technically superior product line suitable for
any active water sports pursuit.

No matter which water sport you’re into, Enth Degree – Takes You There.


Dean Miller

Marine Scientist & GBRL CEO

Sheree Marris

Marine Biologist

Chantal Crinquand

Founder International SUP Yoga Academy


At Enth Degree, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and promoting sustainability. We understand the importance of using eco-conscious materials and packaging, and we are proud to announce our commitment to this cause.

We believe that only a small amount of all plastic today is reused, with the rest ending up in landfills or worse, the ocean. As a company, we have decided to do something about it by using post-consumer plastic bottles and single-use plastic waste to create eco-friendly and fashionable products.

Our products are designed to be gentle on the environment, sustainable, and eco-friendly, without compromising on quality or style. We are proud to be doing our part to create a more sustainable future, and we hope that you will join us in our efforts.

Reusable Dry Bag

We ship our garments in a reusable dry lock bag with a shoulder strap, in an effort to generate less waste. By providing a reusable bag, we are reducing the need for single-use packaging materials and encouraging a more sustainable lifestyle for watersport enthusiasts.

100% Compostable Bag

We are proud to use environmentally sound packaging for select products, which is certified by Australasian Bioplastics Association, Din Certco, and TUV Austria. Our packaging is 100% biodegradable when placed in organic fertiliser, making it an excellent choice for eco-conscious consumers.


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