Given that 25% of your bodies heat loss occurs through the head, we developed the Atoll HV as the ultimate hood / vest combination giving maximum warmth whilst still maintaining comfort and flexibility. Designed to be used as a stand-alone garment in sports such as Kayaking or Diving, or equally as effective when layered under a wetsuit, the Atoll HV has you covered. Forming part of the Fernotherm3 Series the Atoll HV is perfectly suited to watersports such as Scuba Diving, and Snorkeling where full submersion in water is the order of the day. The integrated Neoprene face seal acts as the ultimate wind and water stopper before, during and after your chosen activity.



    • Water Repellant Outer Treatment
    • Windproof Breathable PU Membrane
    • Soft-touch moisture wicking Fleece
    • UV 50+ sun protection
    • Nylon Lycra Edge Trim
    • High-Stretch Neoprene Face Seal



    • Quick Adjust Waist System
    • Integrated Hood with Face seal
    • Hi-vis reflective print
    • Form cut freedom paneling
    • Re-usable Dry Bag Packaging
  • The hooded top i find fantastic it's great from bush walking, sup paddling, and even surf coaching while standing on the beach.

    The wetsuit top, i like the idea of two different materials this will work well with sup paddlers, and ski paddlers. The one thing i did not like was where the zip is located. I found it let's in water and is more restricted around the shoulders whilst paddling.

    Maybe down the bottom of top instead.

    Timothy Yates


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