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Ruben Roxburgh 

Clever, articulated, precise, professional, genuine and innovative are some of the words that have been used to describe Ruben Roxburgh.


Over the past 35 years, Ruben’s affinity with the ocean has shone as his guiding light creating a professional waterman on many levels. Ruben rides every type of surf craft you can imagine, from Stand Up Paddleboards to Tow surfing.


Ruben was introduced to the ocean at just six weeks of age on the Central Coast of NSW, and from here he has bonded to the salt of the sea to shape the waterman he is today. 


As a teenager, Ruben’s passion and abilities saw him at the forefront of professional longboard surfing, travelling the world and competing on the ASP World Tour. Throughout his 20s Ruben stepped away from contests and travelled and surfed as a free surfer, chasing the road less travelled and penning articles for magazines to articulate his adventures and experiences.


Rubens ambition to expand his knowledge and ability around the water saw him take on a role with the Australian Lifeguard Service – which he quickly rose to be the head senior lifeguard for the Byron Bay region and soon after the Regional Lifeguard Supervisor, managing 180klms of coastline and some 85 lifeguards. Ruben is now the NSW State Education Coordinator for the lifeguard service using his depth of experience to train the next top Australian ocean lifeguards.


Having worked in a number of high-level emergency service industries around the world, Ruben has created and implemented a modern way to teach and apply the foundation skill sets for Work Health and Safety (WHS/OHS). Ruben is the founder of ATC, which provides water safety for surfing events across NSW. The Enth Degree garments have been integral for Ruben and his team in providing professional safety for events and in their words "we couldn't do it without such quality products".


With an ever expanding skill-set, it is hard to find a more qualified and experienced professional than Ruben. Ruben has had the good fortune to be able to work with many companies over the years to assist in the research and develop of products and ranges, Enth Degree has been working with Ruben since its inception and will be sharing many adventures on where and how far Enth Degree can really take you.


"Enth Degree is an amazing brand and being able to work with such an amazing product and team has been my pleasure, I look forward to sharing with the world just how far Enth Degree can take you”.

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