When we looked at designing this, we had Stand up Paddle Boarding and surfing sun protection in mind. Thesports where you sit on the surface of the water and get the sun beating down on you. 

The Glacier HLS Hood is designed to sit loosely on the body so that is not tight. We’ve kept the garment light in color so that it reflects the sun instead of retaining heat. You can see that we have integrated hood into the garment for when the sun is really beating down you can lift the hood over your head.

Also, integrated a pocket on the back of the garment so that you can carry water or a snack on a long paddle or journey

The integrated thumb loops on the end of the sleeves are made for a thumb. You move around a lot on a SUP, and the sleeves ride up, exposing skin to sun. These thumb holes help keep the sleeves long. 

This garment is also quick dry. It is designed to have water run through the weave very quickly, so that you don’t have your garment holding water. We call this a water channel flow weave. The water will not flow quickly through that material. 

We tested 10-15 materials to test water flows and sun protection and we’re very happy with the results



    • Quickdry Channel Flow Weave
    • Water Repellant Outer Treatment
    • UV 50+ sun protection



    • Lightweight YKK front zipper
    • Sun Protection Hood
    • Reinforced Thumb Loops
    • Rear Zippered Pocket
    • Hi-vis reflective print
    • Re-usable Dry Bag Packaging
    • Unisex panel designs
  • The Glacier HLS is perfect as a standalone sun protection outer layer, but this time of year WA state does not see much sun! It is also very useful as a base/mid layer for year-round use. The overall weight of the piece is very light, airy, and comfortable all day. It is very breathable and wears nicely next to skin. When using out on the river or open water, the hood is key to provide sun protection and a tiny bit of warmth. The hood is spacious, breathes, and fits nicely over a hat. The small back zipper pocket fits a power bar, bandana, key stash, etc. I am not a huge user of thumb loops in the sleeves, but have found them to be key for added sun protection while out kayak Fly Fishing for my hands. The Glacier HLS has quickly become my “go- to” over/under everyday use technical garment!


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